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Colours and Finishes


Create your own combination of wood and / or colours at no extra cost :)

For the colours, we offer two kinds of finishes. A lacquer-sprayed finish, which is a more even, gloss finish, similar to a duco finish. We also offer the more cost-effective hand-painted finish, which is more matt.



                             Blush Grey                                                       Mustard Yellow


                                Coral                                                                Olive green

                               Grenada                                                        Savannah yellow

                           Grecian blue                                                        Standard Blue

                             Charcoal                                                            Concrete Grey



Our woods:

We treat the woods in two different kind of ways. You can either have it sprayed with a clear-lacquer, which creates a more glossy film, like an even varnish over the wood. Or you can have it waxed, a more natural and matt finish, as if it were oiled. It's the more traditional option.


                           Kiaat wood                                                             Oak Wood


                           Beech Wood                                                        Cherry Wood


                    American Walnut Wood                                                  Ash Wood


Feel free to ask me for advice on winning combinations at