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For anything not covered here, please contact


Do you have a showroom?

Please contact Wolf Snr on 082 456 7874 to meet at our offices and workshop in Lone Hill, Johannesburg. You are welcome to view what works we have available, as well as discuss your ideas.



Where can we view samples?

You are welcome to view or collect samples from us, from our offices in Lone HIll, Johannesburg. Please contact Wolfgang snr for details on 082 456 7874.


How Long does it take Brak to make my piece of furniture / What is the lead time?

Once you have paid the 50% deposit, it takes 4 - 6 weeks to manufacture your furniture.


Does Brak hold stock?

We do not hold much stock, but pleae check in with me ( We like being flexible and spend our time making something unique, rather than being like robots and mass producing units on a conveyor-belt. Don't get me wrong, we can produce a large amount of units if necessary (feel free to test us),  but we like keeping things fresh for ourselves and our team. So almost everything is made to order, hence the turn around time.


How much does delivery cost on Johannesburg and Pretoria?

It costs R 500.00 for Jo'burg (northern suburbs / CBD) and R 600.00 for Pretoria and JHB's outer-suburbs.



 Can I come fetch my order myself?

You are very welcome to fetch your item from our workshop in Lonehill. My mom will most likely greet you with a cup of tea or a glass of wine on a Friday afternoon. Pleaes contact us for directions.


I don't live in Gauteng, do you deliver nationwide?

Yes we do! We can deliver anywhere, including overseas on request. Contact Wolf Jnr for a quote. Please note that our furniture will only be delivered once full payment has been made.


How long does delivery take if I don't live in Jo'burg?

It usually takes 2/3 working days.


What wood is the furniture made out of?

Our furniture is made out of veneered woods mostly, the most common ones being:

Oak, Kiaat Walnut, Beech, Ash, Maple and Cherry.

The pieces that are painted or sprayed are manufactured in MDF / Supawood.

Our legs are made from solid wood (mostly Ash, Kiaat and Rubber wood) and can bare a great amount of weight.


Is your furniture new, or has it been up-cycled?

Most of our pieces are new and made to order, they're just based on nostalgic designs.


Can you upcycle my grandmothers closet or dining room table?

Unfortunately we won't upcycle your personal items. If we revamp it, you might discover that you've had unintended feelings of sentimentality afterall... Besides what would grandma think? Especially after she's spent years polishing it with Mr. Min, which is an absolute headache to remove btw. We aim to keep our senior citizens happy too :)


Do you make custom furniture?

Yes, we basically can make anything! Over the years, there isn't much that I haven't seen the old man build. If he hasn't built it before, he has the ability to reach deep into his artisan bank of knowledge or simply make a plan (one that works). We do Kitchens, BIC's, Vanities, as well as custom made furniture for interior designers, architects and customers. If you have a design that you like, please by all means get in touch. If you would like to change the dimensions of an existing product, to fit a particular space, let us know.


Can I have the good folks at Brak visit me at my office or place of residence?

Yes, of course. We're happy to come round and visit if you need built-in work, or if you just generally struggle with measuring tapes.


How do I place my order?

You can buy an item by adding it to your shopping cart on this website. Or feel free to email Wolfgang jnr and place an order this way. We accept EFT payments and cash. No cheques (if they still even exist) or credit card facilities.


Do I have to pay the entire amount upfront?

If you order through the website, then yes. Please remember that online orders exclude delivery. But if you order via email, you can pay 50% deposit and then 50% on the completion of the piece.


I don't like the colour combinations - can i choose my own colours?

Please do! Have a look at our 'Colours and Woods' tab and choose your colour combinations from the colours that we offer there. Then contact us, or order online naming your choice of colours and woods in the 'special instructions' section.


If I like one of your pieces but it doesn't fit into my space. Can I change the dimensions?

Yes, of course! Please email us your dimensions and we will get back to you with a quote.


What's the difference between sprayed and hand-painted finishes?

Hand-painted is painted by hand, and has a more matt finsh. It's the most cost effective option. The lacquer - sprayed option has a more even, gloss finish. Similar to a duco, but with a chemical hardener in it.


Who makes the furniture?

Wolfgang Snr manufactures the furniture with his team at his workshop, and organizes the deliveries. Wolfgang Jnr designs the pieces and does the quoting and customer relations.

Where did you get your Unique name from?

Brak (pronounced B-rrr-uu-gk) is a term for a stray or feral dog in the Afrikaans language. Besides liking the sound of the word, we often found our early creations abandoned and lonely in the cob-webbed corners of junk stores. Kind of like a grizzly old street dog that has been in the kennels for too long. Recognizing their potential, we gave them a second lease on life, a make-over if you will, and passed them onto good homes. A brak, just like one of our products, has strong character.